We build self-discipline, confidence & motivation via kungfu, wushu, Taichi

while promoting Health, Self-Defense, Health Maintenance and Healing through training,

competition, demonstration & enjoyment.


"Wushu" -- the professional word for 

Chinese martial arts, aka Kungfu. 

Our programs include both contemporary & traditional studies.


Taichi, often described as "Meditation in Motion," but it might well be called "Medication in Motion."

--- Harvard Health Publication


We are known for our extraordinary Wushu Art performances; leading Wushu into the Western culture and the world of Art.

Learn more about our performances here.


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About Us

We built our founding principles firmly on the concept that a person benefits from nurturing inner virtue and building up physical strength. We teach both traditional and modern wushu (martial arts), including bare hands and weapon use. We aim to promote health, self-defense, health maintenance and healing through training, competition, demonstration, and enjoyment. Our systematic and scientific instructions bring out the rich essence of wushu culture. The goal of our Institute is to serve all who are interested in learning Wushu. You will enjoy the kung fu/wushu and Tai chi exercises and be richly rewarded with self-confidence and good health.

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