Founder & President Anji Zhang


His name is recorded in the China Wushu Dictionary. 

He is the Former Coach of China National Wushu Delegation,

Former Head Coach of the Jiangsu Wushu Team*, and he is a

Nationally Recognized Wushu Judge in China

He is also the 6th Generation Authentic Heir of Yang-Style Taichi,

​Baguazhang, and Ysing-I.

Since 1977, he has visited United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Africa, Holland and Germany as the Coach and Representative of China Wushu Delegation. 

He played the leading role in the movie produced by Shanghai Film Studio and Hong Kong Film Studio. The film "Blood Shed Story of Black Box" (aka. Black Box Bounty) was a box office hit in China and won the "Xiao Bai Hua Prize" for the highest draw in 1986.

AWARDS  (Chinese National Competitions - aka China Olympics)

-1979, Gold medal of straight sword play in Chinese National Wushu Competitions

 (the same time Jet Li won the Gold Medal for broad sword play)

- Since 1980 many gold and silver medals in straight sword, drunken sword and Baguazhanng.

- 35 other prizes


1988-2002 Gold medals in Combat, Taiji Quan, and Spear in Chinese National Competitions

2000, 10 Gold medals of Southern Fist, Taiji Quan, and Spear play in San Diego, CA.


*He held the Highest Professional Coach Position of All China at the time.


Media's Favorite 

-  OLIVIA ZHANG, Dragon Princess a.k.a. "Darling of Washington, DC"

World Champion 

- KAI ZHANG, China's No. 1 Wushu Athlete