About Us

Founding Principles

Built firmly on the concept that a person benefits from nurturing inner virtue and building up physical strength. We teach both traditional and modern wushu (martial arts), including bare hands and weapon use.

We aim to promote health, self-defense, health maintenance and healing through competition, demonstration, and enjoyment. Our systematic and scientific instructions will bring out the rich essence of wushu culture. 

The goal of the Institute is to serve all who are interested in learning Wushu. Age is no limitation and we start from the very beginning. You will enjoy the exercises and be richly rewarded with self-confidence and good health.

Our Founder

The US Chinese Wushu Institute (USCWI) was founded by Kung Fu Martial Arts Master Anji Zhang.

Master Zhang is the Former Head Coach of the Jiangsu Wushu team. He is a Professional Chinese National Wushu Competitor/Trainer and a Nationally Recognized Wushu Judge in China.