Presidential Scholar

Nation’s Top Young Artist

Maryland Distinguished Talent-in-the Arts Scholar & Representative

Six Times Gold Medalist - US National & International Martial Arts Championships

Treasurer of Oxford University Ballet Society, UK

Oxford University Dancesport Team Member, UK

​Ms. Olivia  made her official debut in 2009 at the China

60th Anniversary Celebration, with her award winning solo sword play, 

The True Essence of Eastern Spirit “Sword of the Dragon Princess.”

Her signature performances include The “Sword of the Dragon Princess” series, “Dragon Romance Saga”, “The Tale of Orchid Pavilion – Sword of Flying Dragon”, ”Water”, and “Breakthrough.”

Personal Background: President of the Business and Economics Society; Business Law at Johns Hopkins University; International Business at University of Oxford, England; Head of Internal Relations at Oxford Entrepreneurs, the largest free business and entrepreneurship society in Europe.


Ms. Olivia has appeared on numerous high profile media, government, cultural, charity and international events. Many of her signature performances have been broadcasted worldwide and showcased in the John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, before of The White House and Congress, Strathmore Music Center, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and University of Oxford.  Furthermore, she was invited as the Special Guest Performer to the celebrity award ceremonies (with honorees, including famous film producer and director Spike Lee, and the World’s Top Ten Super-Star Rita Moreno); the premiere of Hollywood movie, Ninja Assassin, by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. with the Starring Actor Rain (Bi); and the 2010 World Exposition held in Shanghai, representing the overseas Chinese artists. Her performances have received the media’s high remarks and audience’s thunderous applause.


"Dragon Princess Olivia Zhang delivers the beauty of Chinese culture and of the sword skills to the audience through her performance of the sword art. Sword play is the representation of classic Chinese traditional culture. Sometimes the movements are soft like drops of water yet strong enough to penetrate boulders. Sometimes the movements are like thunderclaps roaring across the heavens. Her performance, powerful and gentle, free and elegant, in both form and spirit, demonstrates the essence of the Chinese culture – bravery, steadfastness, and perseverance. She is the new-generation messenger of the Chinese culture!"

Her work has been broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide.